Felt inspired by Day 10’s post, but in reality, you’re feeling pretty time poor with work and family commitments in the lead up to Christmas? Well today we are going to provide some gift options available for purchase for that special foodie in your life! When buying Christmas gifts, an aspect that is commonly forgotten and not really highlighted is the social and environmental sustainability of the product supply chain.

For food-related gifts, it’s important to question whether the communities involved in the growing, production and manufacture of these products are receiving the benefits from your dollars and are working in suitable conditions. Day 11 also features local Brisbane businesses that provide ethical and sustainable food gift options for your family this Christmas and some additional tips to look out for Fairtrade and B-Corp certified products that are cultivating social and environmental responsibility. 

Responsibly sourcing foodie gifts

At Reframe Waste, we’ve had a bit of a gander around locations that offer some great food-based presents across the range of sweet and savory food styles. We’ve broken down this down across 4 common edible and beverage gift categories for you to explore!

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is a universally loved treat for a gift, across all ages! Did you know that 90% of the world’s cocoa is grown on small family farms? Globally, chocolate manufacture and production have a troublesome history around working conditions, the distribution of profits and economics through the supply chain and the practical difficulties of growing cocoa with its crop sensitivities and taking 5 years before a peak production of reliable cocoa pods.

Interested in learning more about the story of chocolate? Check out the Fairtrade Foundation’s short documentary:

The Fairtrade Foundation aims to make chocolate and other foodstuffs more sustainable by ensuring better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

Yaku Latin Goods

Want to support a local, social enterprise that delivers beautiful, ethical and sustainable chocolate products? Look no further, Gabriela and Santiago from Yaku Latin Goods have provided Brisbane a connection across the sea to their home country of Ecuador. Their range of fine, ethical goods from Latin America is award winning and features chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and raw organic superfoods.

In particular, their Pacari chocolate is the first single-origin organic chocolate made entirely in Ecuador. Be sure to check them out at the Northey Street Organic Farmers Markets on Sundays and connect with them on Facebook to find out about any chocolate tasting events that they will be hosting!

Want to hear a little more about their story? Take a look of their feature from their website to see the journey of their social enterprise, and how Yaku Latin Goods is contributing and providing benefits to communities overseas.

2. Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee also have similar issues to chocolate production, manufacture and supply. One place that I would venture to in the Myer Centre in Queen Street Mall to grab a present that was ethical, sustainable and supporting the communities that created them was the OxFam Store. Unfortunately, due to difficulties with the retailing space, they have made the difficult decision to close their stores across Australia in April this year. However, if you’re still looking to source coffee the OxFam range is still available for purchase.

Keep in mind for teas that you’re perusing for purchase, to look out for the Fairtrade emblem on products, so that the profits will be going back to the producers of these goods. This is a registered mark that is only used on products that have been certified according to the Fairtrade Foundation standards. There is also an additional mark to keep an eye out for with Fairtrade Sourced Ingredients (FSI), highlighting products that include one or more ingredients that have been sourced according to the same standards as the core Fairtrade emblem.

3. Gift bundles

Food Connect is a well-known Brisbane business that helps locals connect with farmers that are within a 400km radius of the city, with weekly fresh food miles averaging closer to 140km. This ensures that the quality of the goods from farm to table are fresh, local farmers are getting paid for all their hard work and that the environmental impacts associated with food production and transport are minimised with low food miles. They also have a great selection of ethical Christmas bundles available for purchase on their website if you’d like to give the food gift of something local and support our South East Queensland growers and farmers.

Check out a sample of these goodies from their Facebook page:

Clear those shopping lists, Food Connectors! We've got your Christmas sorted. Partnering with the best local artisans…

Posted by Food Connect Brisbane on Friday, November 8, 2019

4. Wine and beer

The Australian wine and beer industries have been making strides when it comes to producing ethical and sustainable beverages for you to enjoy or gift these holidays! Wine Australia reports that there’s definitely a lot of consumer interest in trying out organic, vegan friendly, biodynamic, preservative free or carbon neutral options but this isn’t being translated into major sales in 2019. Have a ponder whilst rustling through the bottle-o and consider giving one of these options a spin!

Excitingly, in 2016, de Bortoli one of the largest wineries in the country announced their ultimate goal of going zero waste, with a planned roll-out across their four different wineries in two states! In terms of waste management metrics, their reduced load to landfill from 300 tonnes a year to 48 tonnes a year is an incredible reduction rate.

To support and check out de Bortoli’s range and see what local bottleshops stock them in your neighbourhood have a look at their website.

Timeline of de Bortoli’s work towards a sustainable future

Otter, Crafty Pint and 1 Million Women have collated great guides for all you fans out there of craft beer! Each of the posts outline local craft breweries across the nation that feature responsible water usage, organic ingredients and businesses that meet B corp standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Be sure to check out these posts when you’re wanting to grab a slab for the festive season!

B corp is to environmental accountability as Fairtrade is to social accountability. If you’re interested in reading more about B corp, they have an excellent website. You can also use the B corps certified directory to find and source goods worldwide, check out this handy tool at: https://bcorporation.net/directory

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Today’s feature image is a sample of the Pacari chocolate range from Yaku Latin Goods, a Brisbane social enterprise, you can read more about their journey and products via their Facebook and website platforms.

Tomorrow’s post will be outlining a locations that have gourmet goods, fresh produce and pantry goodies available for purchase and we have updated our Brisbane map of locations to check out on your hunt for Christmas gifts and food supplies.

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