One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2019 was to have a look at my waste generation patterns and see if I could identify some easy ways to modify my behaviour as an eco-conscious consumer. Over the Christmas holiday period last year, I read two really awesome zero waste inspired books that I found at the Brisbane Square Library:

Both of these books highlighted the ways that waste can sneak into different areas of a household and gave me some inspiration to see what things I could slowly start to phase out and highlighted some alternatives that I hadn’t come across. I’ve never really been super into crafting anything, exploring food and trying out recipes is more my kind of jam!

However, I decided to take the plunge and move towards making my own skin care and cosmetics. I’ve been remarkably surprised at how straightforward it is to do and how much I’ve been saving instead of buying moisturisers and lip balms out! For Day 17, Reframe Waste is going to highlight some options for crafting homemade cosmetics as gifts, places that you can obtain supplies or even create a custom gift bundle from local Australian businesses.

Top 4 DIY Cosmetic Gifts

From my lessons this year, I’ve collated my top 4 items that I have created using raw materials and recipes that I’ve trialled and errored. These can all make a great homemade gift for someone in your life that likes to pamper themselves! Homemade soap is another great DIY project that I’ve learnt this year, however the curing time takes up to 5 weeks, so it’s a little bit late to be making this one for Christmas, this is something that we’ll feature in 2020 on the blog.

1. Lip balm

Making your own lip balm is as simple as melting down some carrier oil, wax and fat in a glass bowl or jug over a gentle bubbly pot of water. Once everything has been combined and incorporated you can add some essential oils for fragrance, kitchen spices for texture and pour it into some jars that you’ve kept, or you can go fancy and get special tubs from a crafting store. After letting it set for a short time, it’s ready to gift!

Here are two recipes that I’ve used this year:

2. Cleanser and Toner

There are so many options online for making up your own cleanser and toner for your skin-care routine. With making your own toner, if it does contain natural components like dried flowers, it will need to be stored in the fridge, otherwise you’ll have your own fermentation experiment going on and it can grow some funky things!

Both of these come together in about 5 minutes, as you just mix and pour stuff together and then put it in your containers for long-term storage. Here’s two recipes that I’ve tried out and enjoyed with my skin:

My DIY skin care regime

3. Moisturiser/lotion

A moisturiser is a kind of emulsion that you can make with your trusty old immersion stick blender. By combining a fat and oil mixture on a quick pulse, you get a luscious creamy lotion that you can use to take care of your face, hands, body and feet. Different proportions and oil types can be customised for your skin type and a lot of research has been put into recipes by bloggers and DIYers online.

I opted for a coconut oil base as I love the smell of it, the combination with shea butter was really accessible compared to other options.  I used this recipe and have had this jar for several months!

Emulsion of homemade moisturiser and lip balm

4. Muscle rub/massage oil

I’ve had a lot of shoulder problems this year and rather than paying through the nose for massage and heat rubs I’ve been tinkering with making my own using a combination of olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax and whatever combination of essential oils and spices feel like they’ll help produce heat or relaxation vibes.

These are two great little recipes that you can customise with your own preference for smell and heat levels:

Places to source raw ingredients and gift packs

1. Handmade Naturals

Last Thursday, I headed to Handmade Naturals to grab some supplies for a crafting and cooking day that I have planned with a group of friends. I had previously ordered online from their store several times, as I couldn’t fit in a visit with my schedule. I really regret this, as when I walked into their store, I was transported into an incredible space and got to see some amazing products that they’ve crafted. It really made me want to learn more about the different styles of soap and handmade cosmetics, and techniques to make items look more polished.

Handmade Naturals Shop Front, 7 Gladstone Road Highgate Hill

It’s also not just a place to grab cosmetic supplies, but also a hub to grab any organic groceries that you may be chasing to fill up your pantry or fridge with veggies, bread and common staples. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, their website and their store. Here’s a little photo gallery to transport you into their shop on 7 Gladstone Road, near the West End State High School!

2. The Source Bulk Foods

The Source Bulk Foods in West End have some great little gift packs made up for pampering this Christmas! They also regularly stock bars of soap, liquid shampoo and conditioners that you can purchase in your own containers.

3. Naked Foods Australia

Naked Foods Australia have a store-space located within the Wholehealth Pharmacy and Healthfoods in West End at 359 Montague Road. They have a range of products available for purchase including soaps, liquid shampoo and conditioners that you can BYO containers for. There are also some limited cosmetic supplies for doing your own handmade items, which are dependent on the store that you go to!

Be sure to check out online their range at:  

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Today’s feature image is highlighting the collection of items I have made for myself and loved ones this year!

Got any crafty cosmetic and skin-care recipes that you use? Feel free to share them below in the comments to share the inspiration for presents this Christmas. 😊

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