It’s that time of year again, yes that old cliché, for the holiday season. A period of joy, connection and celebration as the year draws to a close. However, as a society we can tend to get caught up in creating the perfect event, giving the ideal gift and being the hostess with the mostest. This can cause a lot of inherent financial pressure (apparently $593 worth per person…), stress and actually a whole lot of waste! 

In December, Councils have observed that Australians actually produce 30% more household waste, which equates to an extra 0.4 million tonnes or 386 Olympic-sized swimming pools! A great portion of this is due to food wastage, with sources indicating that 9 out of 10 households will discard 25% of the food that they purchased between December 1 – January 1.

Despite these gloomy statistics, Christmas is the holiday with the greatest potential to reframe our behaviours towards waste and have the most beneficial impacts on society, economy and the environment. This is where the Advent of Reframing Waste comes in! 

Join our quest this festive season to reduce the cost to your hip pocket, waste in your bin and the stress you experience! We’re putting together an advent calendar series of posts to give Australians some daily tips to:

  • Source and create Christmas decorations;
  • Engage with local businesses and events to purchase or craft unique gifts;
  • Assess the environmental impact of Christmas menus and provide planning tips for avoiding food waste;
  • Suggest approaches for utilising leftovers and de-mystifying what can and can’t go in the recycling bin! 

Each of these areas are designed to open up conversations around these aspects of the holiday season.  In particular, as we’re based in Brisbane along the journey, we’ll be working together to create a map of events and local businesses that can help us all work towards a lower impact Christmas. 

Advent of Reframing Waste 2019

Stay tuned to find out what will be revealed each day in the lead up to Christmas 2019 and what our final calendar will look like!

Special thanks to from Pexels for their beautiful selection of stock photos. 🙂

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