Gather Cycle Grow

Gather Cycle Grow aims to improve the diversion of organic materials from landfill, providing a model for a suburb-based bicycle collection service that integrates with existing community composting hubs, introducing a rewards system per weight of material received. These incentives can be partnered with local food and permaculture businesses to help build the local economy and connect community. The produced compost material can be sold back to community members and to permaculture/agriculture systems based in the South East Queensland region to improve food miles and soil quality.  [Read more…]

Aussie BBQ Digester

The Aussie tradition of snags on the barbie is taken to the next level with this backyard system that transforms your food waste into biogas and has you cooking with gas in no time. Using a process called anaerobic digestion, the system uses micro-organisms to convert your meat waste, dairy waste and vegetable waste into biogas that can fuel your next neighbourhood BBQ. The prototype for this project is commencing shortly with the ambition of cooking our Christmas Ham on homemade biogas and digesting any organic food waste that was generated from our Christmas lunch to power on into the new year!

Wash Waste Away

This service targets eliminating single use plastic items produced from events by offering a rental system for plates, bowels, cups and cutlery. Through partnering with local commercial kitchens we are able to efficiently wash serveware to meet food hygienic standards. The system operates on a deposit-refund scheme and the reusable serveware scheme literally “washes away waste” by preventing the overflowing bins of plastic rubbish that we are all too familiar with at public events.  Initially starting with farmers markets and food trucks we are currently undergoing market research to expand this service to events around Brisbane.

Fermentation Station

Fermentation Station aims to utilise food produce that would otherwise be disposed to landfill from farmer’s markets and local businesses. These materials would then be used to create gourmet fermented products, sauces and baked goods. These products would then be available for purchase at a companion market stall, which can also provide education to consumers about what they can creatively do with leftover fruit and vegetables. Market research is currently being conducted for partners for this project in Brisbane.