From childhood I have always enjoyed marking down the days till Christmas. This year we are so excited that you are joining us on our 24-day count-down journey filled with daily tips to save budget and reduce waste this Christmas.  For Day 1 of Advent of Reframing Waste – let’s take a look at the advent calendar and explore alternative calendar options from waste-free to digital.

Calendars from household waste/items:

From our research, we’ve actually identified a huge array of options that you’ve probably got sitting in your kitchen cupboard, recycling bin or tucked away in a storage space. Some of the quick and accessible ones include:

  1. Toilet rolls
  2. Egg cartons
  3. Old Jeans
  4. Coffee mug collection

Although for several years LEGO has marketed and produced official advent calendar sets (e.g. City version and a Star Wars Advent calendar), you can also create out of your own lego collection 🙂

Here are some beautiful examples online to give you some inspiration and that come with some great tutorials by their creators:

Toilet Paper Roll Calendar by Handimania
DIY Lego Calendar by Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls
Mug Collection by Baked Bree
Upcycled egg cartons by Ohho deco
Upcycled jeans by Pillar Box Blue

Calendars from the garden:

Got more houseplants than you do shoes? They can also double as a part of an advent calendar arrangement with a creative mind.

Succulent advent calendar by Christine Sine
Bucket and branch advent calendar by The Feminist Housewife

Whilst, if you’re more into outdoor vegetable gardening, you can incorporate this into your crop planning, sowing seeds or planting new goodies into fresh soil each day in the lead up to Christmas!

A great activity to complete alone or whilst walking with a loved one is the collection of flowers and leaves that you can dry in order to prepare a customised local native and street flora advent calendar, with a detailed guide prepared by Gardens Illustrated.

Digital calendars:

If you feel like going digital this Christmas, there are options to:

  1. Make your own digital advent calendar via websites e.g. MyAdvent, Türerchen, Kapwing Resources, AdventMyFriend
  2. Join existing online calendars based on your interests

One of my favourite ones that I saw in my search was based on the Hubble Space Telescope! Here is last year’s post to get a sneak peak for some of the wonderous images that are headed our way over the next 24 days.

Activity based advent calendar:

This twist on the Advent calendar features a daily idea for getting into the holiday spirit by organising and doing an activity with your family.

In particular, I really love this guest post written last year on Ethical Unicorn that has some fantastic kindness/activity-based advent calendar ideas, including:

  • Random acts of kindness
  • Traditional holiday activities
  • Decluttering your home
  • Providing even more crafty suggestions for advent calendar creation!

Whether you have kids or just keen for some structure in the 24 days ahead I highly recommend reading more by the guest blogger, Laura from Reduce, Reuse, Renew! an inspiration mum in the US.

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We hope that this post can provide a new lens for you to see that you don’t need to exit the house or dint the bank balance to create this year’s advent calendar! Curious about making today’s feature image? Check out Country Living for their Pegboard Adventure Calendar!

Please comment below and share your advent calendar ideas – we would love to see your creative Christmas spirit in action!

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