Reframe Waste has been many years in the making. It’s something that has gnawed at our minds throughout our journey as engineers and has filled many notebooks with ideas. So, what exactly is Reframe Waste all about… what are we hoping to achieve?

Essentially, three key concepts – education, collaboration and action! 

Through education, we aim to empower community-led projects by providing accessible information and tools for the Australian community on waste management. We want to provide coverage on approaches that Ausralians can utilise now to make informed choices about the types of products they invest in as consumers, achievable changes in everyday behaviour and provide technical knowledge in an approachable fashion to catalyse change in our current waste management system.

With collaboration, we also want to create action and drive projects in the community, for community. It’s exciting that there are many opportunities to explore where we flip “waste’”on its head, turning it into a useful resource stream and help build local businesses and communities. The circular economy is an ideal concept but there needs to be more practical investigation to nut out what is achievable and realistic at a community level. 

This all requires a lot of ingenuity, creativity, and co-ordination to effectively manage materials and how they flow through an environment and change throughout their lifecycle. We are keen to collaborate with like-minded people, organisations and local businesses that are passionate about this topic. Reframe Waste wants to build a network, a community that drives action and implements projects to solve current problems that exist in South East Queensland, delivering solutions and approaches that could be adapted for other Australian regions.