Phase One – Prototyping

An initial trial is underway for this project at Jane Street Community Garden West End. Jane Street is the largest composting hub in the Brisbane City Council program, processing food and green waste streams from registered users including over 800 local residents and 6 nearby cafes. This current input is becoming increasingly difficult to regularly turn and manage, operating close to current infrastructure capacity of compost bays.

The first phase of this project involves the development and prototyping of an engineered aeration system to reduce the amount of manual labour required and assist with faster degradation times for a quality compost product. 

Project Partners

Project Partners

Thanks to all of our key partners that have already provided tremendous support and advice towards this initiative! Looking forward to continuing to Gather Cycle and Grow with you all as we work towards sustaining West End’s community composting efforts!  

Melissa, you’re an incredible facilitator and this project would not have started without all of your encouragement <3
We’re excited to be collaborating with Ashley to see how Monty can help with community compost management and waste education.
Special thanks to Simon for all of your input around bike logistics!
Thanks for sharing your expertise in construction James 🙂

Project Gallery

Jane Street Community Garden has an incredible volunteer base and I’ve enjoyed sharing this passion with all you compost fairies 🙂