What a time in the world. Like many, Reframe Waste’s plans for this year have changed dramatically with the covid pandemic. Our original intention and energy to explore and develop prototypes in community environments is now evolving into delivering online content focused on waste education during this uncertain period.

Prior to the global spread of the corona virus, there have been rising trends in the number of articles and discussion panels focused on eco-anxiety, the potential impacts of climate change on the economy and the fragility of our current way of life.

It’s apparent right now that citizens are trying to figure out what kind of action can make a meaningful contribution. In these challenging circumstances, it can be empowering to take stock and reflect. This extra time inside can in some ways be turned from fear and worry into a powerful drive to connect with one’s core values.

Our first topic series will be based around Reframing Waste Everyday! Taking a look at the waste you generate in your household, favourite hobby or lifestyle habit is one of the most accessible, powerful and eye-opening things that you can do. However, it can be really easy to get overwhelmed when confronted with your waste footprint. So here at Reframe Waste we’re going to provide some advice around:

  • determining what aspects matters most to you;
  • how to start honestly quantifying your impact;
  • identifying opportunities to make changes within your budget;
  • helping set realistic goals; and
  • defining your pathway to making long-term changes that stick!

We’ll be joining in on this journey and see if we can follow through on our waste resolutions for 2020!

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Today’s feature image is from New South Wales Net Waste’s Waste 2 Art competition by artist Jayme Hyland from Dubbo entitled ‘White Trash’ comprised of single-use disposable plastic-ware.

We hope you feel inspired to take the plunge, examine what your waste looks like and move towards things that you can change to reduce your waste footprint.

4 thoughts on “Reframing Waste Everyday!”

  1. Love the ‘White Trash’ artwork, well done Jayme! That’s one piece of art that’s not going anywhere any time soon 🙂

    So keen to help influence and bring about the behaviour changes we need so badly in households across Australia Liz, I’m right there with you.

    Cheers, Chelsea

  2. I started separatin non-recycle plastics and return it coles 2 years ago. I reuse some of them as waste bin. I reuse bread plastics for freezing meat or veggies. But still it surprised me that how much it accumulatesthat even force me go to Coles. I think customers should push companies like Cols or Woollies to reduce the plastic packing of products

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